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1. Record Number: 28800
Author(s): Mews, Constant J.
Title : The "Speculum dominarum" ("Miroir des dames") and Transformations of the Literature of Instruction for Women in the Early Fourteenth Century [The author analyzes the "Speculum dominarum," a treatise written by Durand de Champagne for Joanne de Navarre, wife of Philip IV and queen of France 1285-1305. The text was later translated into French and remained widely read into the sixteenth century. Mews argues that the text "marks a significant shift in the character of religious writing for women, in moving away from a purely interior focus to one that combines spiritual advice with ethical discussion, of a sort traditionally conducted in a scholastic milieu and addressed only to men." (p. 14).
Source: Virtue Ethics for Women 1250-1500.   Edited by Karen Green and Constant J. Mews .   Springer, 2011.  Pages 13 - 30.
Year of Publication: 2011.

2. Record Number: 36383
Author(s): Collard, Franck and Isabelle Huellant-Donat,
Title : Deux autres Jeanne...
Source: Une histoire pour un royaume (XIIe-XVe siecle): actes du colloque "Corpus Regni" organisé en hommage à Colette Beaune.   Edited by Anne-Hélène Allirot, Murielle Gaude-Ferragu, Gilles Lecuppre et al .   Perrin, 2010.  Pages 310 - 332.
Year of Publication: 2010.

3. Record Number: 6216
Author(s): Hamilton, Tracy Chapman
Title : The Fabrication of Gendered Memory: Queenship, Topography, and Scholastic Patronage of the Colleges de Navarre and Bourgogne in Fourteenth-Century Paris
Source: Seeing Gender: Perspectives on Medieval Gender and Sexuality. Gender and Medieval Studies Conference, King's College, London, January 4-6, 2002. .  2002.
Year of Publication: 2002.