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1. Record Number: 10851
Author(s): Mills, Robert.
Title : Seeing Face to Face: Troubled Looks in the Katherine Group [The author explores similarities between Lacanian gaze theory and two texts of the Katherine Group, "Hali Meidenhad" and "Sawles Warde." The anchoritic readers are asked to imagine a variety of positions from the panoptic virgin superior to the servant of God beset by Lechery. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Troubled Vision: Gender, Sexuality, and Sight in Medieval Text and Image.   Edited by Emma Campbell and Robert Mills .   Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.  Pages 117 - 136.
Year of Publication: 2004.

2. Record Number: 3509
Author(s): Savage, Anne.
Title : The Solitary Heroine: Aspects of Meditation and Mysticism in "Ancrene Wisse," the Katherine Group, and the Wooing Group
Source: Mysticism and Spirituality in Medieval England.   Edited by William F. Pollard and Robert Boenig .   D.S. Brewer, 1997.  Pages 63 - 83.
Year of Publication: 1997.

3. Record Number: 14350
Author(s): Fletcher, Alan J.
Title : The Dancing Virgins of "Hali Mei├░dhad" [The author points out a passage in "Hali Meidenhad" in which the virgins in Heaven are described as dancing and singing. Fletcher suggests that they would have been performing a "carole en ronde" as in the "Roman de la Rose." Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Notes and Queries , 238., (December 1993):  Pages 437 - 439.
Year of Publication: 1993.