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1. Record Number: 13639
Author(s): Roussel, Claude.
Title : Réécritures de "Florence de Rome" au XIVe siècle [The author looks at fourteenth century adaptations of the "Florence de Rome" poem, in particular an anonymous version written in epic style. The story of Florence concerns a chaste queen denounced by her brother-in-law (whose advances she rejected), disbelieved by her husband, and forced to wander until she founds a hospital and is declared innocent by her accusers. In comparing the earlier version with the fourteenth century epic account, Roussel notes less reliance on detailed descriptions but more emphasis on awakening the audience's pity for Florence's suffering. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: L' Épopée romane au moyen âge et aux temps modernes: Actes du XIVe Congrès International de la Société Rencesvals pour l' étude des épopées romanes: Naples, 24-30 juillet 1997. 2 volumes.   Edited by Salvatore Luongo .   Fridericiana Editrice Universitaria, 2001.  Pages 815 - 826.
Year of Publication: 2001.