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1. Record Number: 20608
Author(s): Seabourne, Gwen
Title : Eleanor of Brittany and Her Treatment by King John and Henry III [Eleanor of Brittany, daughter of Geoffrey Plantagenet, older brother of King John of England, did not lead the life expected of noble women. She did not succeed to any of her father's territories nor did she marry. Instead King John and his son, Henry III, held her in confinement for over 40 years. Seabourne argues that at first the conditions were conceived as guardianship. There were even some efforts made toward advantageous marriages for Eleanor. Nothing materialized, and her supervision became more strict. Henry III held her prisoner until her death even though in those later years she could no longer bear children to threaten the royal succession. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Nottingham Medieval Studies , 51., ( 2007):  Pages 73 - 110.
Year of Publication: 2007.