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1. Record Number: 5440
Author(s): Knox, Dilwyn.
Title : Civility, Courtesy, and Women in the Italian Renaissance [The author traces the origins of the idea of "modestia," decorum and gravity, which was the standard for both women and men; "cortesia" developed in order to give men and women a way to relate to each other].
Source: Women in Italian Renaissance Culture and Society.   Edited by Letizia Panizza .   European Humanities Research Centre, University of Oxford, 2000.  Pages 2 - 17.
Year of Publication: 2000.

2. Record Number: 9053
Author(s): Kelly, Joan.
Title : Did Women Have a Renaissance? [This is an influential article from the 1970s that still bears up under a close reading. Kelly makes a very convincing argument that Renaissance women lost opportunities and were defined more narrowly than women in earlier generations. She argues that new social relations in the state paralleled a new relation between the sexes, with the public sphere reserved for men only and women dependent on their husbands alone. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Feminism and Renaissance Studies.   Edited by Lorna Hutson .   Oxford Reading in Feminism series. Oxford University Press, 1999.  Pages 21 - 47. Originally published in Women, History & Theory: The Essays of Joan Kelly. By Joan Kelly. University of Chicago press, 1984. Pages 19-50. Originally published in "Becoming Visible: Women in European History." Edited by Renate Bridenthal and Claudia Koonz.
Year of Publication: 1999.