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Author(s): Karkov, Catherine E.
Title : Francesco Botticini's Palmieri Altar-piece [Matteo Palmieri commissioned the altarpiece from Botticini; the panel includes donor portraits of his wife Niccolosa (in a Benedictine habit) and himself; after Matteo's death Botticini and Niccolosa executed a document in 1477 agreeing that the contract for the altarpiece had been fulfilled; Niccolosa and Matteo's nephew acquired a chapel in S. Pier Maggiore where the altarpiece was installed and where Matteo was buried; the Appendix provides transcriptions of six documents, four concerning Botticini, one about the Palmieri chapel, and the first being the agreement between Niccolosa and Botticini].
Source: Burlington Magazine (Full Text via JSTOR) 138, 1118 (May 1996): 308-314. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1996.