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1. Record Number: 8090
Author(s): Laskaya, Anne.
Title : The Feminized World and Divine Violence: Texts and Images of the Apocalypse [The author argues that the illustrations in late medieval Apocalypse books present a triumphant militant masculinity opposed to a variety of feminized threats including the Great Whore of Babylon, monsters, and even the verdant earth. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Domestic Violence in Medieval Texts.   Edited by Eve Salisbury, Georgiana Donavin, and Merrall Llewelyn Price .   University Press of Florida, 2002.  Pages 299 - 341.
Year of Publication: 2002.

2. Record Number: 12754
Author(s): Lewis, Suzanne.
Title : The Apocalypse of Isabella of France: Paris, Bibl. Nat. MS Fr. 13096. The Appendix outlines the picture cycle and text of the manuscript, listing the text (by chapter and verse number) and subject matter of images on each folio [Title note supplied by Feminae].
Source: Art Bulletin , 72., 2 (June 1990):  Pages 224 - 260.
Year of Publication: 1990.