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1. Record Number: 1986
Author(s): Alexakis, Alexander.
Title : Leo VI, Theophano, a "Magistros" Called Slokakas, and the "Vita Theophano" (BHG 1794) [suggests that the "Magister" Slokakas mentioned in a scholiast's comments is the author of the "Vita" of Empress Theophano which he wrote in order to gain Emperor Leo's favor].
Source: Byzantinische Forschungen , 21., ( 1995):  Pages 45 - 56. Issue title: Bosphorus: Essays in the Honour of Cyril Mango. Ed. by Stephanos Efthymiadis, Claudia Rapp, and Dimitris Tsougarakis.
Year of Publication: 1995.