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1. Record Number: 10652
Author(s): Heene, Katrien.
Title : Deliberate Self-Harm and Gender in Medieval Saints' Lives [The author argues that both women and lower status men use self-inflicted harm as a means of atonement, self-discipline, and devotion to Christ. However, in cases where women sought to avoid marriage, self-mutilation could play a special role. Also in some cases, self-harm served as a didactic example, allowing women the unusual opportunity to act as teachers and preachers. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Hagiographica: Rivista di agiografia e biografia della società internazionale per lo studio del Medioevo Latino/ Journal of Hagiography and Biography of Società Internazionale per lo studio del Medioevo Latino , 6., ( 1999):  Pages 213 - 231.
Year of Publication: 1999.