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1. Record Number: 23257
Author(s): Marcelli, Nicoletta
Title : A laude della gloriosa Annuntiata di Firenze: Una canzone e un capitolo ternario di Antonio di Matteo di Meglio [Antonio de Meglio was an employee of the chancery of Florence from 1404 to 1448. His song "Ave regina celi" honors the Virgin by recalling major events in her life. The divisions resemble the mysteries of the rosary. An edition of the text accompanies the article. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Interpres: Rivista di Studi Quattrocenteschi , 28., ( 2009):  Pages 132 - 179.
Year of Publication: 2009.

2. Record Number: 11424
Author(s): Candelaria, Lorenzo.
Title : El Cavaller de Colunya. A Miracle of the Rosary in the Choirbooks of San Pedro Mártir de Toledo
Source: Viator , 35., ( 2004):  Pages 221 - 264.
Year of Publication: 2004.

3. Record Number: 3618
Author(s): Wrightson, Kellinde.
Title : Drápa af Maríugrát, the Joys and Sorrows of the Virgin and Christ, and the Dominican Rosary
Source: Saga Book , 24., 5 ( 1997):  Pages 283 - 292.
Year of Publication: 1997.

4. Record Number: 28770
Title : Saint Hedwig of Silesia with Duke Ludwig of Legnica and Brieg and Duchess Agnés
Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/55/Hedwig_of_Andechs.jpg/250px-Hedwig_of_Andechs.jpg
Year of Publication:

5. Record Number:
Title : Vision of St. Bridget
Year of Publication: