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1. Record Number: 45009
Author(s): Marie de France and Kisha G. Tracy,
Title : Bisclavret (ca. 12th c.)
Source: Medieval Disability Sourcebook: Western Europe.   Edited by Cameron Hunt McNabb .   punctum books, 2020.  Pages 233 - 241. Available open access from the JSTOR website: https://doi.org/10.2307/j.ctv11hptcd.23
Year of Publication: 2020.

2. Record Number: 7835
Author(s): Gilmore, Gloria Thomas.
Title : Marie de France's "Bisclavret": What the Werewolf Will and Will Not Wear ["This chapter will attempt to unravel that tangled tension in the story of 'Bisclavret,' where there are two opposing functions of clothing: to confine in a social role or identity imposed from without , or to express a self-definition, chosen or generated from within." Page 67.].
Source: Encountering Medieval Textiles and Dress: Objects, Texts, Images.   Edited by Désirée G. Koslin and Janet E. Snyder .   Palgrave Macmillan, 2002.  Pages 67 - 84.
Year of Publication: 2002.

3. Record Number: 4506
Author(s): Leshock, David B.
Title : The Knight of the Werewolf: "Bisclavret" and the Shape-Shifting Metaphor [The author argues that Marie uses the werewolf figure to satirize the violence inherent in the figure of the knight].
Source: Romance Quarterly , 46., 3 (Summer 1999):  Pages 155 - 165.
Year of Publication: 1999.

4. Record Number: 2422
Author(s): Dunton-Downer, Leslie.
Title : Wolf Man
Source: Becoming Male in the Middle Ages.   Edited by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Bonnie Wheeler .   Garland Publishing, 1997. Romance Quarterly , 46., 3 (Summer 1999):  Pages 203 - 218.
Year of Publication: 1997.

5. Record Number: 10799
Author(s): Holten, Kathryn I.
Title : Metamorphosis and Language in the Lay of "Bisclavret" [The author shows that Marie uses the image of the domesticated werewolf to both awaken and soothe cultural anxieties regarding feudalism (a system which relies upon language codes to function). Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: In Quest of Marie de France: A Twelfth-Century Poet.   Edited by Chantal A. Marechal .   Edwin Mellen Press, 1992. Romance Quarterly , 39., 4 (November 1992):  Pages 193 - 211.
Year of Publication: 1992.

6. Record Number: 7246
Author(s): Gertz, SunHee Kim.
Title : Transferral, Transformation, and the Act of Reading in Marie deFrance's "Bisclavret" [The author observes that in Marie's "lai" "Bisclavret," the characters who are the most careful readers are also the most convincing storytellers. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Romance Quarterly , 39., 4 (November 1992):  Pages 399 - 410.
Year of Publication: 1992.