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1. Record Number: 43870
Author(s): Hawes, Janice,
Title : Manly Fantasy: Medieval and Modern Masculinities in Two Juvenile Versions of Beowulf
Source: Beowulf in Contemporary Culture.   Edited by David Clark .   Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020.  Pages 67 - 89.
Year of Publication: 2020.

2. Record Number: 7343
Author(s): Smith, Karen.
Title : Snake-maiden Transformation Narratives in Hagiography and Folklore
Source: Fabula. Zeitschrift für Erzählforschung , 43., 40241 ( 2002):  Pages 251 - 263.
Year of Publication: 2002.

3. Record Number: 10126
Author(s): Mullally, Erin.
Title : Repossessing Power: Gender in Old English Hagiography
Source: Old English Newsletter , 33., 3 (Spring 2000): Paper presented at the Thirty-Fifth International Congress on Medieval Studies, The Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University, May 4-7, 2000, Session 537: "Old English Poetry III."
Year of Publication: 2000.

4. Record Number: 2035
Author(s): Fee, Christopher.
Title : Judith and the Rhetoric of Heroism in Anglo-Saxon England [argues that the Anglo-Saxon "Judith" is restricted to a purely inspirational role in contrast to the Vulgate "Judith" who plans and executes a daring strategy; the author suggests that Anglo-Saxon culture equated active heroism only with masculine military might].
Source: English Studies , 78., 5 (September 1997):  Pages 401 - 406.
Year of Publication: 1997.

5. Record Number: 2416
Author(s): Townsend, David.
Title : Ironic Intertextuality and the Reader's Resistance to Heroic Masculinity in the "Waltharius" [suggests that monastic readers viewed Hildegund as a subversive character who undercut the warriors' bravado; comparisons are made with the "Aeneid's" Dido episode and slasher films].
Source: Becoming Male in the Middle Ages.   Edited by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Bonnie Wheeler .   Garland Publishing, 1997. English Studies , 78., 5 (September 1997):  Pages 67 - 86.
Year of Publication: 1997.

6. Record Number: 2524
Author(s): Tarnowski, Andrea.
Title : Jehan et Blonde and the Exemplary Hero [argues that Jehan is represented as a hero, not only because of his feat of arms, but because of his skill with words as evidenced by his victory in a series of "gabs" or riddles with his rival in love, the Count of Gloucester].
Source: Comparative Literature Studies , 32., 2 ( 1995):  Pages 262 - 279.
Year of Publication: 1995.

7. Record Number: 3556
Author(s): Kinney, Clare R.
Title : The (Dis) Embodied Hero and the Signs of Manhood in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"
Source: Medieval Masculinities: Regarding Men in the Middle Ages.   Edited by Clare A. Lees with the assistance of Thelma Fenster and Jo Ann McNamara Medieval Cultures, 7.   University of Minnesota Press, 1994. Comparative Literature Studies , 32., 2 ( 1995):  Pages 47 - 57.
Year of Publication: 1994.

8. Record Number: 9486
Author(s): Lucas, Peter J.
Title : Judith and the Woman Hero [The author demonstrates that the Old English poem “Judith” uses the female Biblical hero to illustrate the theme of the power of faith. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Yearbook of English Studies , 22., ( 1992):  Pages 17 - 27.
Year of Publication: 1992.