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Author(s): Haycock, Marged.
Title : Sy abl fodd, Sibli fain: Sibyl in Medieval Wales [The author analyzes two different instances of the Sibyl figure in Welsh literature. The first examples come from two thirteenth century Welsh translations of the Latin Tiburtine oracles, "Breuddwyd Sibli" and "Proffwydoliaeth Sibli Ddoeth." The second example is drawn from a poem by the female poet Gwerful Mechain who countered Ieuan Dyfi's misogynist complaint by recounting the lives of brave women capped by the Sibyl. Haycock suggests that Gwerful may have taken the example of the Sibyl as a female forerunner to legitimize her public writing. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source:   Edited by Joseph Falaky Nagy and Leslie Ellen Jones Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA) Yearbook , 3-4., ( 2005):  Pages 115 - 130. Heroic Poets and Poetic Heroes in Celtic Tradition: A Festschrift for Patrick K. Ford. Edited by Joseph Falaky Nagy and Leslie Ellen Jones. Four Courts Press, 2005
Year of Publication: 2005.