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1. Record Number: 43553
Author(s): Hartnell, Jack,
Title : The Body Inside-Out: Anatomical Memory at Maubuisson Abbey
Source: Art History , 42., 2 ( 2019):  Pages 242 - 273. Available with a subscription: https://doi.org/10.1111/1467-8365.12425
Year of Publication: 2019.

2. Record Number: 33198
Author(s): Courtemanche, Andrée and Steven Bednarski
Title : "Sadly and with a Bitter Heart": What the Caesarean Section Meant in the Middle Ages
Source: Florilegium , 28., ( 2011):  Pages 33 - 69.
Year of Publication: 2011.

3. Record Number: 13679
Author(s): Warr, Cordelia.
Title : Representation, Imitation, Rejection: Chiara of Montefalco (d. 1308) and the Passion of Christ [The author briefly explores the visual references, especially for the passion of Christ, that were commonly known. These references helped shape people's understanding of holy women. When Clare of Montefalco died her fellow nuns expected to find evidence of her devotion to Christ in her heart. When it was cut open they found a cross and instruments of the passion. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Studies on Medieval and Early Modern Women 4: Victims or Viragos?   Edited by Christine Meek and Catherine Lawless .   Four Courts Press, 2005. Florilegium , 28., ( 2011):  Pages 89 - 101.
Year of Publication: 2005.

4. Record Number: 6615
Author(s): Park, Katharine.
Title : Relics of a Fertile Heart: The "Autopsy" of Clare of Montefalco [the author explores the meaning of the objects found inside Clare of Montefalco's body while it was being prepared for burial; these items were in the shape of religious objects (for example, a crucifix in her heart) or had religious significance (three stones for the Trinity in her gallbladder); the author explores contemporary medical and legal practices to provide a context, in particular autopsy, theories of generation, and caesarean operations].
Source: The Material Culture of Sex, Procreation, and Marriage in Premodern Europe.   Edited by Anne L. McClanan and Karen Rosoff Encarnación .   Palgrave, 2002. Florilegium , 28., ( 2011):  Pages 115 - 133.
Year of Publication: 2002.