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1. Record Number: 12605
Author(s): Burns, Jane E.
Title : Why Textiles Make a Difference [Dress, textiles, and cloth production are emerging as important categories of analysis in medieval studies. While investigating textiles and representations thereof (in literary, historical, legal, and religious texts), medievalists cross disciplinary boundaries in order to examine how the personal and cultural realms interact. Social theorists, feminists, and scholars of material culture can all contribute to our understandings of how goods and objects take upon new meanings for men and women in different social contexts. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Medieval Fabrications: Dress, Textiles, Clothwork, and Other Cultural Imaginings.   Edited by E. Jane Burns .   Palgrave, 2004.  Pages 1 - 18.
Year of Publication: 2004.

2. Record Number: 7166
Author(s): Ashley, Kathleen and Pamela Sheingorn
Title : An Unsentimental View of Ritual in the Middle ages Or, Sainte Foy Was No Snow White [Using ideas from cultural studies that emphasize social and political tensions, the authors examine the ritual processes surrounding the reliquary of St. Foy as reflected in the collection of her miracles compiled in the eleventh century. Rather than serving to resolve conflict, St. Foy appears as a partisan of the male monastery in Conques, as a threatening figure who punishes those who do not obey her, and as a magnet for popular religious devotion, sometimes beyond the control of the monks.].
Source: Journal of Ritual Studies , 6., 1 (Winter 1992):  Pages 63 - 85.
Year of Publication: 1992.