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1. Record Number: 1395
Author(s): Salet, Francis.
Title : Chronique. Orfèvrerie. Les anges d'Anne de Bretagne du trésor du Saint-Esprit [summary of an article by Danielle Gaborit-Chopin published in the Revue du Louvre (1994), pages 17-28].
Source: Bulletin Monumental , 154., 2 (juin 1996):  Pages 178 - 179.
Year of Publication: 1996.

2. Record Number: 819
Author(s): Tolley, Thomas.
Title : States of Independence: Women Regents as Patrons of the Visual Arts in Renaissance France
Source: Renaissance studies : journal of the Society for Renaissance Studies , 10., 2 (June 1996):  Pages 237 - 258.
Year of Publication: 1996.

3. Record Number: 446
Author(s): McCartney, Elizabeth.
Title : Ceremonies and Privileges of Office: Queenship in Late Medieval France [Anne of Brittany's coronations and powers].
Source: Power of the Weak: Studies on Medieval Women. A selection of a papers presented at the annual conference of the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, Feb. 1990.   Edited by Jennifer Carpenter and Sally- Beth MacLean .   University of Illinois Press, 1995. Manuscripta , 39., 1 (March 1995):  Pages 178 - 219.
Year of Publication: 1995.

4. Record Number: 5052
Author(s): Kamerick, Kathleen.
Title : Patronage and Devotion in the Prayer Book of Anne of Brittany, Newberry Library MS 83 [The author analyzes the prayer book, arguing that the individualized contents reflect the queen's concerns including safe delivery from childbirth, private prayers during Mass, and the steps necessary to earn indulgences].
Source: Manuscripta , 39., 1 (March 1995):  Pages 40 - 50.
Year of Publication: 1995.