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  • Contributor(s): Monica H. Green, ed. and trans.
  • Title: The Trotula: A Medieval Compendium of Women's Medicine
  • Source: The Trotula: A Medieval Compendium of Women's Medicine.  Edited by Monica H. Green.  University of Pennsylvania Press, 2001.  Pages 70 - 191.
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    Presents the first critical edition of the Latin Trotula standardized ensemble, together with a facing-page English translation. Green demonstrates that the Trotula (originally a title, not an author’s name) is an assembly of three different texts that originated in 12th-century Salerno. Only the second of these texts can be attributed to a female author (a Salernitan woman named Trota), though all three texts show distinctive views on the nature of the female body and therapeutic objectives in treating and manipulating it. [Annotation from Green, Monica. "Bibliography on Medieval Women, Gender, and Medicine, 1980-2009." http://www.sciencia.cat/biblioteca/documents/Green_CumulativeBib_Feb2010.pdf]

    The book contains editions and translations of three texts:
    Liber de Sinthomatibus Mulierum/Book on the Conditions of Women, pp. 70-115
    De Curis Mulierum/On Treatments for Women, pp. 116-165
    De Ornatu Mulierum/On Women's Cosmetics, pp. 166-191

    There is also a 2002 edition from the University of Pennsylvania Press which reprints the English translation with some revisions while eliminating the Latin text.

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  • Year of Publication: 2001.
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