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1. Record Number: 4998
Author(s): Jenal, Georg.
Title : Il monachesimo femminile in Italia tra Tardo Anticho e Medioevo [Early Italian monasticism, modeled on Egyptian practices, had a predominant number of female ascetics. Many lived with their families, and communities only took shape gradually. Virgins ranked first; then widows; then married women vowed to continence. The numbers of ascetic women, compared to the number of monks, had declined by the time of Gregory the Great].
Source: Il monachesimo femminile in Italia dall' Alto Medioevo al secolo XVII a confronto con l' oggi.   Edited by Gabriella Zarri .   San Pietro in Cariano: Il Segno dei Gabrielli editori, 1997.  Pages 17 - 39.
Year of Publication: 1997.