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1. Record Number: 3660
Title : The Rape of the Sabine Women on Quattrocento Marriage-Panels [the author argues that the theme of the rape of the Sabine women urged women to observe their duties of childbearing in a society seriously depopulated by multiple plague outbreaks].
Source: Marriage in Italy, 1300-1650.   Edited by Trevor Dean and K. J. P. Lowe .   Cambridge University Press, 1998.  Pages 66 - 82.
Year of Publication: 1998.

2. Record Number: 2573
Author(s): Varriano, John.
Title : Leonardo's Lost "Medusa" and Other Medici Medusas from the "Tazza Farnese" to Caravaggio
Source: Gazette des Beaux-Arts , 130., 1544 (septembre 1997):  Pages 73 - 80.
Year of Publication: 1997.

3. Record Number: 4349
Author(s): Even, Yael.
Title : Daphne (Without Apollo) Reconsidered: Some Disregarded Images of Sexual Pursuit in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art
Source: Studies in Iconography , 18., ( 1997):  Pages 143 - 159.
Year of Publication: 1997.

4. Record Number: 1987
Author(s): Mango, Marlia Mundell.
Title : Artemis at Daphne [mythological hunting motifs on brass buckets and a mosaic pavement at Daphne near Antioch are analyzed].
Source: Byzantinische Forschungen , 21., ( 1995):  Pages 263 Issue title: Bosphorus: Essays in the Honour of Cyril Mango. Ed. by Stephanos Efthymiadis, Claudia Rapp, and Dimitris Tsougarakis.
Year of Publication: 1995.

5. Record Number: 40970
Title : Mermaid (detail) (Image #1) from Neptune (Image #2)
Source: Byzantinische Forschungen , 21., ( 1995):
Year of Publication: