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1. Record Number: 3544
Author(s): Truax, Jean A.
Title : Winning Over the Londoners: King Stephen, the Empress Matilda, and the Politics of Personality [the author argues that Stephen had the opportunity to build longlasting relationships with Londoners while Matilda was away with her husband on the continent; it is not the case that Matilda was particularly arrogant or quarrelsome as some chronicles portray her].
Source: The Haskins Society Journal , 8., ( 1996):  Pages 43 - 61.
Year of Publication: 1996.

2. Record Number: 12751
Author(s): Leyser, Karl.
Title : The Anglo-Norman Succession 1120-1125 [When the son and heir of Henry I died in a shipwreck, Henry made his barons pledge allegiance to his daughter Matilda (wife of Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor) as his new heir, but Matilda faced great opposition from others who claimed the throne. Although they were ultimately unsuccessful, both Matilda and her husband actively waged numerous military and diplomatic campaigns attempting to secure Matilda’s succession to the throne. It is clear from the accounts of medieval historians like Orderic Vitalis that Henry V hoped to present Matilda as not only his claim to the Anglo-Norman territories but also as the future mother of a new emperor. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Anglo-Norman Studies , 8., ( 1990):  Pages 225 - 241.
Year of Publication: 1990.