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1. Record Number: 3749
Author(s): Balzaretti, R.
Title : Men and Sex in Tenth-Century Italy [The author examines the writings of three bishops who had a great deal to discuss about the moral aspects of sexuality].
Source: Masculinity in Medieval Europe.   Edited by D.M. Hadley .   Women and Men in History Series. Addison Wesley Longman, 1999.  Pages 143 - 159.
Year of Publication: 1999.

2. Record Number: 347
Title : Italian Hussies and German Matrons: Luitprand of Cremona on Dynastic Legitimacy [Luitprand's charges of sexual improprieties against Lombard queens were part of Otto I's political strategy].
Source: Frühmittelalterliche Studien , 29., ( 1995):  Pages 207 - 225. Jahrbuch des Instituts für Frühmittelalterforschung der Universität Münster
Year of Publication: 1995.