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1. Record Number: 19983
Author(s): Mulè, Viviana
Title : L'Inventario dei beni dell'Infanta Isabella d'Aragona prima contessa di Caltabellotta [The author discusses the inventory of goods belonging to Isabella of Aragon, daughter of Frederick III of Sicily and wife of Raymond, count of Caltabellotta. The inventory was prepared in 1334 in connection with her will when Isabella was a widow. She had earlier brought lands and moveable goods to her husband, one of her father's lieutenants. In her inventory Isabella possessed many valuble objects, both secular and religious, including silks and pearls. The appendix presents two transcribed documents in Latin: 1) Inventory of the goods of Isabella of Caltabellotta (1334) and 2) Excerpt from Rosario Gregorio's "Biblioteca scriptorum qui res in Sicilia gestas sub Aragonum imperio retulere," concerning events in 1338. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Schede Medievali , 41., (gennaio-dicembre 2003):  Pages 69 - 96.
Year of Publication: 2003.