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Author(s): Engen, John van
Title : Illicit Religion: The Case of Friar Matthew Grabow, O.P [In the Middle Ages "Religious" could mean a person who joined a vowed order of monks, nuns or friars or it could apply more broadly to anyone who lived a chiristian life. The Dominican Matthew Grabow attacked the followers of the "Devotio Moderna," especially women's communities, for living a common life without vows. He also thought that it was not legal for the laity to give up their property rights and pursue a religious life without taking monastic vows. This argument was condemned, even by other friars, for making religious life broadly understood, illicit. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Law and the Illicit in Medieval Europe.   Edited by Ruth Mazo Karras, Joel Kaye, and E. Ann Matter .   University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008.  Pages 103 - 116.
Year of Publication: 2008.