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1. Record Number: 44897
Author(s): Friedrich II, ,
Title : Women in the Sicilian Laws of Frederick II
Source: The Intolerant Middle Ages: A Reader.   Edited by Eugene Smelyansky .   University of Toronto Press, 2020.  Pages 216 - 222.
Year of Publication: 2020.

2. Record Number: 36623
Author(s): Pietro da Eboli, ,
Contributor(s): Hood, Gwenyth, trans.
Title : Book in Honor of Augustus
Source: Book in Honor of Augustus (Liber ad Honorem Augusti). Pietro da Eboli   Edited by Gwenyth Hood Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 398.   ACMRS (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies), 2012.  Pages 73 - 361.
Year of Publication: 2012.

3. Record Number: 33776
Title : Empress Constance entrusts her son to the duchess of Spoleto
Year of Publication: