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1. Record Number: 12667
Author(s): Lord, Carla.
Title : Queen Isabella at the Court of France [Isabelle of France arrived in Paris in 1325 to improve relations between her husband, Edward II, and her brother, Charles IV. While in Paris, she was treated with honor, but her husband withdrew financial support - perhaps under the influence of Hugh Despenser. Isabelle was an honored guest at the coronation of Jeanne d'Evreux, but she had worn out her welcome by the time she left for Hainault, the first step toward her return to England with armed support. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Fourteenth Century England , 2., ( 2002):  Pages 45 - 52.
Year of Publication: 2002.

2. Record Number: 380
Author(s): Guest, Gerald B.
Title : A Discourse on the Poor: The Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux
Source: Viator , 26., ( 1995):  Pages 153 - 180. Published under the auspices of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
Year of Publication: 1995.

3. Record Number: 1358
Author(s): Holladay, Joan A.
Title : The Education of Jeanne d'Evreux: Personal Piety and Dynastic Salvation in her Book of Hours at the Cloisters [analysis of the illustrations in the section of the Hours of Saint Louis; the saint-king ancestor is portrayed as a model for the young queen in his charitable acts and the honor he brought the royal family].
Source: Art History , 17., 4 (December 1994):  Pages 585 - 611.
Year of Publication: 1994.

4. Record Number: 28747
Title : Marriage of Charles IV and Marie of Luxembourg
Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/55/Mariage_de_Charles_IV_le_Bel_et_de_Marie_de_Luxembourg.jpg/250px-Mariage_de_Charles_IV_le_Bel_et_de_Marie_de_Luxembourg.jpg
Year of Publication: