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1. Record Number: 45565
Author(s): Rapp, Claudia and Theodore Daphnopates,
Title : The Departure of a Byzantine Princess after Peace with Bulgaria is Sealed through a Marriage Alliance
Source: Mobility and Migration in Byzantium: A Sourcebook.   Edited by Claudia Rapp and Johannes Preiser-Kapeller .   V&R unipress, Vienna University Press, 2023.  Pages 232 - 234. The text is from Theophanes Continuatus, Chronographia, ed. Immanuel Bekker, CSHB (Bonn, 1838) 413–415, Book 6, ch. 22–23. Trans. by Dirk Krausmüller. The book is available open access at: https://www.vr-elibrary.de/doi/pdf/10.14220/9783737013413
Year of Publication: 2023.

2. Record Number: 1681
Author(s): Shepard, Jonathan.
Title : A Marriage Too Far? Maria Lekapena and Peter of Bulgaria [Byzantine politics, relations with Bulgaria, and Maria's possible impact on Bulgarian court culture].
Source: The Empress Theophano: Byzantium and the West at the Turn of the First Millennium.   Edited by Adelbert Davids .   Cambridge University Press, 1995.  Pages 121 - 149.
Year of Publication: 1995.

3. Record Number: 9535
Author(s): Laiou, Angeliki E.
Title : Consensus facit nuptias--Et non: Pope Nicholas I's "Responsa" to the Bulgarians as a Source for Byzantine Marriage Customs [The author examines Pope Nicholas I's response to questions from the newly converted czar of Bulgaria. Byzantine missionaries had told the czar about their beliefs and practices. The Latin papal text gives evidence for Byzantine marriage customs including a greater emphasis on a church ceremony than in the West and a discouragement of remarriage. The Appendix presents the Latin text of Chapter Three from the "Response to the Bulgarians" which deals with marriage. The article was originally published in Rechtshistorisches Journal 4 (1985): 189-201. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Gender, Society, and Economic Life in Byzantium. Angeliki E. Laiou Variorum Collected Studies Series .   Ashgate, 1992.  Pages 189 - 201. Earlier published in Studies in Church History 27 (1990): 53-78.
Year of Publication: 1992.