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1. Record Number: 6402
Author(s): Curtis, Liane.
Title : Christine de Pizan and "Dueil Angoisseux" [When Christine de Pizan began her literary carrier, writing the "Cent Ballades," she exploited her widow's status, writing in terms of lamentation and long suffering; these were supposed to come naturally to women, especially to widows, removed by misfortune from contamination though sexual activity; "Dueil Angoisseux" was one of these ballades; the poem, an expressions of a widow's grief, was set to music by Binchois (Gilles); both Christine's text and Binchois' music exploit effectively a topic, suffering, in which women were believed to be superior to men; the Appendix presents the French text of "Dueil Angoisseux" along with an English translation].
Source: Gender, Sexuality, and Early Music.   Edited by Todd M. Borgerding .   Routledge, 2002.  Pages 265 - 282.
Year of Publication: 2002.