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1. Record Number: 6617
Author(s): Randolph, Adrian W. B.
Title : Renaissance Household Goddesses: Fertility, Politics, and the Gendering of the Spectatorship [the author argues that these terracotta statuettes of Dovizia (a woman with a basket of fruit on her head who is leading a little boy), based on Donatello's statue now lost, can be read both as an embodiment of wealth and fertility and as a political, public symbol of the city and reminder of the pre-Medicean era; the author explores the implications of both female and male spectatorship].
Source: The Material Culture of Sex, Procreation, and Marriage in Premodern Europe.   Edited by Anne L. McClanan and Karen Rosoff Encarnación .   Palgrave, 2002.  Pages 163 - 189.
Year of Publication: 2002.

2. Record Number: 6034
Author(s): Coletti, Theresa.
Title : Paupertas est donum Dei: Hagiography, Lay Religion, and the Economics of Salvation in the Digby "Mary Magdalene" [the author argues that the Digby playwright uses Mary Magdalene to bring into relief questions of salvation for those with landed wealth and in commerce; Mary Magdalene's emphasis on poverty and charity does not question the social order but gives merchants and the gentry opportunities for spiritual benefit by donating to the poor and by striving to be themselves poor in spirit].
Source: Speculum , 76., 2 (April 2001):  Pages 337 - 378.
Year of Publication: 2001.

3. Record Number: 4137
Author(s): Williams, Bermadette.
Title : She Was Usually Placed with the Great Men and Leaders of the Land in the Public Assemblies- Alice Kyteler: A Woman of Considerable Power [her step-children accused her of witchcraft ; Richard Ledrede, Bishop of Ossory, doggedly pursued her].
Source: Women in Renaissance and Early Modern Europe.   Edited by Christine Meek .   Four Courts Press, 2000. Speculum , 76., 2 (April 2001):  Pages 67 - 83.
Year of Publication: 2000.

4. Record Number: 7363
Author(s): Kaplan, Michel.
Title : L'Aristocrate byzantine et sa Fortune [The author explores a number of cases where wealthy noble women administered their estates themselves and disposed of their properties and other goods. The women profiled include Danielis, a weathy and powerful noble woman associated with Emperor Basil I, Eudocie Bourion, who sold some of her dowry lands while her husband was still alive, Empress Irene Doukaina, Kale Basiliake, a wealthy young woman who became a nun upon her husband's death. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Femmes et pouvoirs des femmes à Byzance et en Occident (VIe -XIe siècles). Colloque international organisé les 28, 29 et 30 mars 1996 à Bruxelles et Villeneuve d'Ascq.   Edited by Stéphane Lebecq, Alain Dierkens, Régine Le Jan, and Jean-Marie Sansterre .   Centre de Recherche sur l'Histoire de l'Europe du Nord-Ouest, Université Charles de Gaulle-Lille 3, 1999. Speculum , 76., 2 (April 2001):  Pages 205 - 226.
Year of Publication: 1999.

5. Record Number: 7173
Author(s): Higgins, Paula.
Title : Parisian Nobles, a Scottish Princess, and the Woman's Voice in Late Medieval Song [The author identifies two different women named Jacqueline de Hacqueville in fifteenth century Paris who may have been the woman referred to in Antoine Busnoy's songs. The author suggests that Jacqueline herself wrote two poems in response to Busnoys and may have actively participated in the musical culture of the court. The author more generally examines late medieval poetry written in a woman's voice and suggests that many anonymous poems may well have been the work of women. The appendices present the text and English translations of the Hacqueville songs, "Ja que lui ne si actende," "A vous sans autre me viens rendre," "Je ne puis vivre ainsi tousiours," and "A que ville est abhominable." Appendix Two lists the family members of Jacques de Hacquville according to a legal document from 1482.].
Source: Early Music History (Full Text via JSTOR) 10 (1991): 145-200. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1991.

6. Record Number: 28764
Title : Widow Danielis carried on a Litter
Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c3/Danielis.jpg/250px-Danielis.jpg
Year of Publication:

7. Record Number: 37630
Title : Hestia Polyolbos tapestry
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