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Author(s): Chojnacki, Stanley.
Title : Il divorzio di Cateruzza: rappresentazione femminile ed esito processuale (Venezia 1465 [Marriages helped unify the Venetian patriciate, and their dissolution undermined unity. Church courts dealing with dissolution of marriages had to take into account both law and politics. Church courts did not grant separations lightly, demanding evidence of marital failure; and they tried to promote reconciliation of spouses. The charges Cateruzza Vittori brought against her husband included keeping a servant as a concubine and failing to support his stepsons. Cateruzza obtained a rare case in this situation, perhaps because she had strong backing from her family and its connections. Title note supplied by Feminae]
Source: Coniugi nemici: la separazione in Italia dal XII al XVIII secolo.   Edited by Silvana Seidel Menchi and Diego Quaglioni .   Il mulino, 2000.  Pages 371 - 416.
Year of Publication: 2000.