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1. Record Number: 5146
Author(s): Plesch, VĂ©ronique.
Title : Enguerrand Quarton's "Coronation of the Virgin": This World and the Next, the Dogma and the Devotion, the Individual and the Community [The author argues that the painting in the Carthusian hospital chapel linked the Coronation with the Last Judgement to emphasize the importance of Mary's role as mediator, especially for those souls in purgatory].
Source: Historical Reflections/ Reflexions historiques , 26., 1 (Spring 2000):  Pages 189 - 221.
Year of Publication: 2000.

2. Record Number: 5577
Author(s): Morgan, Nigel.
Title : The Coronation of the Virgin by the Trinity and Other Texts and Images of the Glorification of Mary in Fifteenth-Century England
Source: England in the Fifteenth Century: Proceedings of the 1992 Harlaxton Symposium. .  Harlaxton Medieval Studies , 4., ( 1994):  Pages 223 - 241.
Year of Publication: 1994.