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1. Record Number: 5472
Author(s): Prinzivalli, Emanuela.
Title : Le fonti agiografiche come documenti per la vita di Chiara [Sources for Clare's life are scarce; these include her writings, acts of her canonization process, and her earliest legend; this text, often attributed to Thomas of Celano, can be checked against the testimony in the canonization process; and it represents a moment in the history of the Franciscan movement; individual details, present in recorded testimony, become adapted to hagiographic models in the legend and, even more so, in papal bulls concerning the canonization; the legend emphasizes Clare's love of poverty, but her confrontation with Gregory IX over a life of poverty is deemphasized; the Franciscans had become institutionalized and could not present Clare as a rebel].
Source: Hagiographica: Rivista di agiografia e biografia della società internazionale per lo studio del Medioevo Latino/ Journal of Hagiography and Biography of Società Internazionale per lo studio del Medioevo Latino , 4., ( 1997):  Pages 197 - 219.
Year of Publication: 1997.

2. Record Number: 14679
Author(s): Alberzoni, Maria Pia.
Title : San Damiano nel 1228 Contributo alla "Questione Clariana" [The privilege of poverty supposedly granted to Clare of Assisi by Pope Innocent III has been doubted by recent scholars. Gregory IX pressed Clare and her sisters to become like traditional nuns, which Clare resisted as far as she could. We can discern this resistance behind papal documents and Franciscan hagiography, both of which emphasize the creation of an order of San Damiano under the aegis of Saint Francis. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Collectanea Franciscana , 67., 40241 ( 1997):  Pages 459 - 476.
Year of Publication: 1997.

3. Record Number: 455
Author(s): van Dijk, Willibrord- Christian.
Title : Une Traduction Française du XVeSiècle de la Vie de Sainte Claire de Thomas de Celano
Source: Laurentianum , 36., 40180 ( 1995):  Pages 3 - 18.
Year of Publication: 1995.