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1. Record Number: 11529
Author(s): Barclay-Lloyd, Joan E.
Title : The Church and Monastery of S. Pancrazio, Rome [In 1204 Innocent III crowned Peter II of Aragon at San Pancrazio outside Rome. San Pancrazio had been a Benedictine monastery since the late 6th century, but the monks were replaced by a group of penitent women in 1255. These women became Cistercians shortly thereafter, remaining until Ambrosian Friars replaced them in 1438. The 13th-century reduction of the church to a single nave without side aisles and divided by a screen wall may represent adaptation to the need of these nuns for more privacy. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Pope, Church and City: Essays in Honour of Brenda M. Bolton.   Edited by Frances Andrews, Christoph Egger and Constance M. Rousseau Medieval Mediterranean .   Brill, 2004.  Pages 245 - 266.
Year of Publication: 2004.