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1. Record Number: 14680
Author(s): Burr, David.
Title : Na Prous Boneta and Olivi [When she was first questioned in 1325, Na Prous Boneta was open about her beliefs. She believed she had become the herald of the advent of the Holy Spirit. Prous, who harbored refugee Spiritual Franciscans, also described Pope John XXII, their enemy, as the Antichrist. Prous identified with the condemned Franciscan theologian, Peter Olivi, who believed a papal Antichrist would come. She parted with Olivi in claiming a unique charism and a direct role in ushering in a new age of the Spirit. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Collectanea Franciscana , 67., 40241 ( 1997):  Pages 477 - 500.
Year of Publication: 1997.

2. Record Number: 15605
Author(s): McNamara, Jo Ann.
Title : De quibusdam mulieribus: Reading Women's History from Hostile Sources [The author analyzes the cases of two women who testified about their religious beliefs to church authorities. In the Abruzzi Catania spoke in support of Celestine V during his canonization process. In Provence Na Prous Boneta testified to her devotion to Peter Olivi, a Franciscan spiritual. Documents like this indicate women's ingenuity and determination to lead meaningful spiritual lives even in cases like that of Prous Bonete where the church declared her a heritic. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Medieval Women and the Sources of Medieval History.   Edited by Joel T. Rosenthal .   University of Georgia Press, 1990. Collectanea Franciscana , 67., 40241 ( 1997):  Pages 237 - 258.
Year of Publication: 1990.