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Author(s): Ruggiero, Guido.
Title : Mean Streets, Familiar Streets, or The Fat Woodcarver and the Masculine Spaces of Renaissance Florence [The author explores issues of male friendship, honor, and sexuality in Florence through a story about a fat woodcarver who snubs his friends. They teach him a cruel lesson by convincing him that he is someone else. When they reveal the humiliating joke he is forced to leave the city. Ruggiero suggests that the origional incident may have revolved around a homosexual relationship that the other man, the architect Brunelleschi, wanted to end. All the public spaces in the story, including those that we might think private like the workshop and the home, were crucial parts of the regime that defined virtĂș as masculinity. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Renaissance Florence: A Social History.   Edited by Roger J. Crum and John T. Paoletti .   Cambridge University Press, 2006.  Pages 295 - 310.
Year of Publication: 2006.