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1. Record Number: 4025
Author(s): Gourlay, Kristina E.
Title : A Positive Representation of the Power of Young Women: The Malterer Embroidery Re-examined [The author argues that the embroidery is to be interpreted as "positive and good-natured acknowledgment of the power of love and female sexuality and the responsibility of men in succumbing to this power..."].
Source: Young Medieval Women.   Edited by Katherine J. Lewis, Noel James Menuge, and Kim M. Phillips .   St. Martin's Press, 1999.  Pages 69 - 102.
Year of Publication: 1999.

2. Record Number: 10223
Author(s): Rushing, James A.
Title : Iwein as Slave of Woman: the “Maltererteppich” in Freiburg [The story of the Arthurian knight Iwein was known to medieval audiences not only through literary texts but also through pictorial representations, such as an early fourteenth-century tapestry in the Augustinermuseum in Freiburg. This wall-hanging features a series of medallions, two of which depict Iwein’s adventures. The other medallions feature examples of “Frauensklaven” or “Minnesklaven” (men humiliated by their submission to women), including some well-known figures like Samson and Delilah and Aristotle and Phyllis. Although the meaning of the tapestry is unclear, the images remove Iwein from his original function as an exemplary figure and insert him into a new context: a pictorial representation of the “Frauensklaven” topos. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte , 55., ( 1992):  Pages 124 - 135.
Year of Publication: 1992.