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1. Record Number: 43993
Author(s): Merkley, Paul,
Title : Feminine Way and Feminine Voice: Jeanne de Laval as "Patronnne": Book Production and Collection
Source: Music and Patronage in the Court of René d’Anjou: Sacred and Secular Music in the Literary Program and Ceremonial. Paul Merkley .   Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2017.  Pages 169 - 181.
Year of Publication: 2017.

2. Record Number: 7187
Author(s): Prizer, William F.
Title : Renaissance Women as Patrons of Music: The North-Italian Courts [The author draws on correspondence to trace the musical interests of Isabella d'Este and her sister-in-law, Lucrezia Borgia. They both supported a small group of musicians/music and dance teachers in their households. Their personnel specialized in secular vocal music and string music, while musicians from their husbands' households supplied other kinds of music as needed. The Appendix presents transcriptions of eight document texts in Italian and Latin pertaining to Isabella and Lucrezia. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Rediscovering the Muses: Women's Musical Traditions.   Edited by Kimberly Marshall .   Northeastern University Press, 1993.  Pages 186 - 205.
Year of Publication: 1993.