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1. Record Number: 5529
Author(s): Cheyette, Fredric L. and Margaret Switten
Title : Women in Troubadour Song: Of the Countess and the Vilana [The authors analyze two songs, one by the Countess de Dia and the other by Marcabru, in which strong women's voices are heard demanding their rights and resisting exploitation; the authors also trace the varied political roles of Occitan noble women and the social setting in which these two songs might have been performed].
Source: Women and Music , 2., ( 1998):  Pages 26 - 45.
Year of Publication: 1998.

2. Record Number: 3079
Author(s): L├ęglu, Catherine.
Title : Identifying the "Toza" in Medieval Occitan "Pastorela" and Old French "Pastourelle" [the"toza" or girl sometimes has an ambiguous social status; she also often serves as the mouthpiece for the poet].
Source: French Studies , 52., 2 (April 1998):  Pages 129 - 141.
Year of Publication: 1998.