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1. Record Number: 15871
Author(s): Piatti, Pierantonio.
Title : Augustinianae mulieres: "Un problema storiografico: il "moveimento femminile agostiniano" nel Medioevo tra carisma ed istituzione [The Augustinian hermits, like the other mendicant orders, were mostly based in cities and towns. One of their roles was spiritual direction of pious women, both nuns and tertiaries. The hermits promoted the cult of Saint Monica, the mother of Augustine of Hippo. They also adapted the Rule of Augustine for use by women connected to the order. The hermits, however, issued few regulations for the care of these women. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Quaderni Medievali , 58., (dicembre 2004):  Pages 43 - 61.
Year of Publication: 2004.

2. Record Number: 10986
Author(s): Gill, Katherine.
Title : Open Monasteries for Women in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy: Two Roman Examples [The author examines the cases of the oblates of Tor de' Specchi (a community of religious lay women gathered around Francesca Bussa dei Ponziani in Rome) and the "pinzochere" associated with the church of Sant'Agostino in Rome. Gill argues that the success of these informal religious communities in Italy was associated in part with the opportunities they offered women to play a variety of social roles. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: The Crannied Wall: Women, Religion, and the Arts in Early Modern Europe.   Edited by Craig A. Monson .   University of Michigan Press, 1992. Quaderni Medievali , 58., (dicembre 2004):  Pages 15 - 47.
Year of Publication: 1992.

3. Record Number: 30945
Title : Death of St. Monica
Source: Quaderni Medievali , 58., (dicembre 2004):
Year of Publication: