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1. Record Number: 27613
Author(s): Gaudette, Helen A.,
Title : The Spending Power of a Crusader Queen: Melisende of Jerusalem [The author analyzes three projects which Melisende supported in part to increase public support for her rule: Bethgibelin Castle, the women's monastery of Bethany, and the covered market street in Jerusalem called "Malquisinat" (literally the Street of Bad Cooking). Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Women and Wealth in Late Medieval Europe.   Edited by Theresa Earenfight The New Middle Ages. .   Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.  Pages 135 - 148.
Year of Publication: 2010.

2. Record Number: 5334
Author(s): Folda, Jaroslav
Title : A Twelfth-Century Prayerbook for the Queen of Jerusalem [the author argues that the manuscript was commissioned by King Fulk for his wife, Queen Melisende, as part of his efforts to moderate her anger following his ill treatment of Hugh, Count of Jaffa; the manuscript illuminations, ivory bookcovers, and silk covering combine decorative motifs from Melisende's Orthodox-Crusader Eastern heritage with Fulk's Anglo-Angevin inheritance].
Source: Medieval Perspectives , 8., ( 1993):  Pages 1 - 14.
Year of Publication: 1993.