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Author(s): Papi, Anna Benvenuti.
Title : La serva padrona Verdiana da Castelfiorentino is one of the few servants among the revered Tuscan holy women of the later Middle Ages. She, like Saint Zita, was part of a wave of migration from rural areas to the cities in Tuscany. These servant-saints displayed domestic virtues, like generosity; but they also went on pilgrimage. Some experienced local hostility, but Verdiana was supported locally and became known as a wonder worker. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: In castro poenitentiae: santità e società femminile nell’Italia medievali. Anna Benvenuti Papi .   Herder, 1990.  Pages 263 - 303. Originally printed as "Santità femminile nel territorio fiorentino e lucchese: considerazioni intorno alla caso di Verdiana da Castelfiorentino," in Religiosità e società in Valdelsa (Società storica della Valdelsa, 1980). Pages 113-144.
Year of Publication: 1990.