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1. Record Number: 3614
Author(s): Perfetti, Lisa R.
Title : Men's Theories, Women's Laughter: The Thousand and One Nights and Women's Comic Pleasures in Medieval Literature [The author analyzes the episode in which the three sisters joke with a porter about their sexual organs; the author suggests that this gave women in the audience the opportunity to laugh with, rather than at, the women in the text].
Source: Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies , 10., 2 (Fall 1998):  Pages 207 - 241.
Year of Publication: 1998.

2. Record Number: 584
Author(s): Irvine, Martin.
Title : Complicitous Laughter: Hilarity and Seduction in "Celestina"
Source: Hispanic Review (Full Text via JSTOR) 63, 1 (Winter 1995): 19-38. Link Info
Year of Publication: 1995.