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1. Record Number: 15807
Author(s): Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Renate
Title : Jean Gerson and the Debate on the "Romance of the Rose" [Jean Gerson and Christine de Pizan both attacked the Roman de la Rose. Christine rejected the poem's misogyny, while Gerson thought reading it would inspire people to sin. The defenders of the text rejected Christine as a woman and Gerson as ignorant of literature. Both Christine and Gerson made a direct, causal link between reading and human conduct. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: A Companion to Jean Gerson.   Edited by Brian Patrick McGuire Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition: A Series of handbooks and reference works on the intellectual and religious life of Europe, 500-1700 .   Brill, 2006.  Pages 317 - 356.
Year of Publication: 2006.

2. Record Number: 19951
Author(s): Taylor, Craig
Title : The Salic Law, French Queenship, and the Defense of Women in the Late Middle Ages
Source: French Historical Studies , 29., 4 (Fall 2006):  Pages 543 - 564.
Year of Publication: 2006.

3. Record Number: 4904
Author(s): Solterer, Helen.
Title : Fiction Versus Defamation: The Quarrel over the "Romance of the Rose"
Source: Medieval History Journal , 2., 1 (January-June 1999):  Pages 111 - 141.
Year of Publication: 1999.

4. Record Number: 2478
Author(s): Sullivan, Karen.
Title : The Inquisitorial Origins of Literary Debate [argues that Christine and her opponents, Gontier and Pierre Col and Jean de Montreuil, in the "Querrelle de la Rose" all used inquisitorial rhetoric and branded the opposite side as heretics in need of salvation].
Source: Romanic Review , 88., 1 (January 1997):  Pages 27 - 51.
Year of Publication: 1997.