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1. Record Number: 18563
Author(s): Argenziano, Raffaele
Title : Corpi santi e immagini nella Siena medievale: L'iconografia dei sepolcri di Gioacchino da Siena e di Aldobrandesca Ponzi [This article analyzes the tombs and decorations of two Sienese saints, one of whom is Aldobrandesca Ponzi, a tertiary member of the Humiliati order. Title note supplied by Feminae.]
Source: Iconographica , 3., ( 2004):  Pages 48 - 61.
Year of Publication: 2004.

2. Record Number: 5260
Author(s): Taglietti, Nadia.
Title : Dicte Priora et Sorores Non Sint Moniales Nec Earum Domus Monasterium Appellatur. La Domus Milanese delle umiliate di Cambiago tra XII e XIV Secolo [the house of Cambiago took shape in the 13th century as a community of women following the Augustinian Rule and affiliated with the Humiliati; in the 14th century it split into two monasteries that were not reunited until the 16th century; this reflected political divisions within the commune of Milan; the women of Cambiago had some spiritual ties with the Milanese Dominicans even before the split; much of the economy of these houses was dependent on the wool trade, proceeds of the nuns' work going into the purchase of real estate].
Source: Archivio Storico Lombardo. Twelfth Series , 5., ( 1999):  Pages 11 - 111.
Year of Publication: 1999.