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1. Record Number: 28342
Author(s): Giles of Rome, , and Jacopo de Forli,
Contributor(s): Wallis, Faith, translator
Title : The Scholastic “Quaestio”: Aristotle vs. Galen on the Generation of the Embryo [Includes two primary source texts: 1) Giles of Rome, “The Formation of the Fetus in the Uterus,” Chapter 6 That a Woman Can Be Impregnated without the Emission of Her Own Sperm (defending the Aristotelian position) and 2) Jacopo de Forli, “On the Generation of the Embryo,” Question Four Does the Seed of the Woman Contribute Actively to the Generation of the Fetus? (the response from the supporters of Galen).]
Source: Medieval Medicine: A Reader.   Edited by Faith Wallis 15  University of Toronto Press, 2010.  Pages 222 - 231.
Year of Publication: 2010.

2. Record Number: 29887
Author(s): Kueny, Kathryn
Title : The Cure of Perfection: Women's Obstetrics in Early and Medieval Islam
Source: Perspectives on Medieval Art: Learning through Looking.   Edited by Ena Giurescu Heller and Patricia C. Pongracz .   Museum of Biblical Art, 2010.  Pages 187 - 197.
Year of Publication: 2010.

3. Record Number: 4664
Title : The Aristotelian Background to Aquinas's Denial that "Woman is a Defective Male"
Source: Thomist , 64., 1 (January 2000):  Pages 21 - 69.
Year of Publication: 2000.

4. Record Number: 2641
Author(s): Fontaine, Resianne.
Title : The facts of Life: The Nature of the Female Contribution to Generation According to Judah ha-Cohen's "Midrash ha-Hokhma" and Contemporary Texts [influences of Aristotle, Galen, Averroes, Avicenna, and rabbinic thought on Judah ha-Cohen's explanation in his encyclopedia, "Midrash ha-Hokhma"; brief consideration of the female contribution toward human reproduction in two other thirteenth-century Jewish encyclopedias, Shemtov Ibn Falaquera's "De ‘ot ha-Pilosofim" and Gershom ben Salomo's "Sh‘ar ha-Shamayim"].
Source: Medizinhistorisches Journal , 29., 4 ( 1994):  Pages 333 - 362.
Year of Publication: 1994.

5. Record Number: 11195
Author(s): de Looze, Laurence.
Title : Marie de France et la Textualisation: Arbre, Enfant, Oeuvre dans le Lai de "Fresne" [Throughout the poem, Marie de France exploits metaphorical language that connects the process of procreation (the birth of a child through sexual reproduction) and the generation of a text by a writer. The metaphorical correspondence between the labor or “work” of writing and the labor of childbirth informs the language of many French texts written during this time. The anxieties expressed by modern scholars who attempt to use manuscripts to reconstruct a pure and authorial edition of a text thus reflect medieval writers’ own anxieties about the legitimacy of sexual and textual reproduction. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Romanic Review , 81., 4 ( 1990):  Pages 396 - 408.
Year of Publication: 1990.

6. Record Number: 28186
Author(s): Weigand, Rudolf.
Title : Die Lehre der Kanonisten des 12. und 13. Jahrhunderts von den Ehezwecken
Source: Collectanea Stephan Kuttner. II.   Edited by Giuseppe Forchielli and Alfons M. Stickler Studia Gratiana, 12.   Institutum Gratianum, 1967. Romanic Review , 81., 4 ( 1990):  Pages 443 - 478.
Year of Publication: 1967.