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1. Record Number: 36511
Author(s): Gessert, Genevieve S.,
Title : A Giant Corrupt Body: The Gendering of Renaissance Roma
Source: Receptions of Antiquity, Constructions of Gender in European Art, 1300-1600.   Edited by Marice Rose and Alison C. Poe .   Brill, 2015 .  Pages 98 - 130.
Year of Publication: 2015 .

2. Record Number: 5964
Author(s): Bernau, Anke.
Title : Matters of the Heart: Hermaphrodites, Hyenas, and Metaphor
Source: Gender and Conflict in the Middle Ages. Gender and Medieval Studies Conference, York, January 5-7 2001. .  2001.
Year of Publication: 2001.

3. Record Number: 4584
Author(s): Lybarger, Loren D.
Title : Gender and Prophetic Authority in the Qur'anic Story of Maryam: A Literary Approach
Source: Journal of Religion (Full Text via JSTOR) 80, 2 (April 2000): 240-270. Link Info
Year of Publication: 2000.

4. Record Number: 703
Author(s): Nederman, Cary J. and Jacqui True
Title : The Third Sex: The Idea of the Hermaphrodite in Twelfth- Century Europe [examines evidence from medical and legal texts as well as the writings of John of Salisbury, Bernard Sylvestris, and Alan of Lille].
Source: Journal of the History of Sexuality , 6., 4 (April 1996):  Pages 497 - 517.
Year of Publication: 1996.

5. Record Number: 8480
Author(s): Rubin, Miri.
Title : The Person in the Form: Medieval Challenges to Bodily "Order" [The author discusses a number of instances in which the order and hierarchy of the body were violated. In terms of gender issues, the author briefly considers hermaphrodites, Jews accused of performing abortions, and the doubts a peasant woman near Montaillou had about Christ's divinity because of her horror at the shameful filth that the Virgin Mary must have delivered in childbirth along with the infant Christ. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Framing Medieval Bodies.   Edited by Sarah Kay and Miri Rubin .   Manchester University Press, 1994. Journal of the History of Sexuality , 6., 4 (April 1996):  Pages 100 - 122.
Year of Publication: 1994.

6. Record Number: 33645
Title : Luxuria
Source: Journal of the History of Sexuality , 6., 4 (April 1996):
Year of Publication: