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1. Record Number: 4160
Author(s): Vetrani, Anthony J.
Title : Christian Allegory in Selected "Milagros" of Gonzalo de Berceo [The author examines the use of allegory in two "Milagros," one of which is "The Pregnant Abbess"].
Source: Journal of Hispanic Philology , 18., ( 1997):  Pages 179 - 193.
Year of Publication: 1997.

2. Record Number: 1852
Author(s): Kay, Sarah.
Title : Holy Mary Intervenes for the Clergy in the "Cantigas" of Alfonso X and in the "Milagros" of Berceo: Observations Concerning the Implicit Audience
Source: Bulletin of the Cantigueiros de Santa Maria , 8., (Spring 1996):  Pages 3 - 13.
Year of Publication: 1996.

3. Record Number: 1853
Title : Berceo's "Milagros" and the "Cantigas de Santa Maria" : The Question of Intended Audience [The author argues, based on the inter-Church political concerns of many of the miracles, that Berceo primarily addressed monastics and clergy].
Source: Bulletin of the Cantigueiros de Santa Maria , 8., (Spring 1996):  Pages 15 - 29.
Year of Publication: 1996.

4. Record Number: 4630
Author(s): González-Casanovas, R. J.
Title : Marian Devotion as Gendered Discourse in Berceo and Alfonso X: Popular Reception of the "Milagros" and "Cantigas" [the author compares two miracle stories that appear in both Berceo and Alfonso X, "The Marvelous Birth" and "The Drunk Monk;" the author argues that gender plays a major role for both authors, with Berceo transforming the Virgin Mary into a cultural icon of chivalry, while Alfonso "reintroduces the maternal imagery into his 'Cantigas de Santa Maria' in such a way that it humanizes the effects of an embodied devotion and socializes the effects of a spiritualized courtesy" (Page 23)].
Source: Bulletin of the Cantigueiros de Santa Maria , 4., (Spring 1992):  Pages 17 - 31.
Year of Publication: 1992.