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Title : Women Humanists: Education for What? [The author looks at the case of Isotta Nogarola, and to a lesser degree those of Cassandra Fedele and Alessandra Scala. Their mentors at first praise them for their learning and declare that they are fellow humanists. However, the mentors soon rebuff further contact or turn the epistolary exchange into a series of love letters. Jardine argues that the purpose of humanism was to prepare men for professions. Women could not be allowed in that public sphere nor could they even be imagined with the kinds of power available to those professions. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Feminism and Renaissance Studies.   Edited by Lorna Hutson .   Oxford Reading in Feminism series. Oxford University Press, 1999.  Pages 48 - 81. Originally published in Anthony Grafton and Lisa Jardine, "From Humanism to the Humanists." Duckworth, 1986. Pages 29-57. Reprinted in The Italian Renaissance. Edited by Paula Findlen. Blackwell Publishing, 2002. Pages 273-291
Year of Publication: 1999.