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1. Record Number: 29712
Title : Queen Gunnhild has her way with Hrut
Source: The Viking Age: A Reader.   Edited by Angus A. Somerville and R. Andrew McDonald. Readings in Medieval Civilizations and Cultures, 14.   University of Toronto Press, 2010.  Pages 130 - 133. Published also in the third edition of The Viking Age: A Reader (University of Toronto Press, 2020), pp. 125-129.
Year of Publication: 2010.

2. Record Number: 3688
Author(s): Hamilton, J. S.
Title : Another Daughter for Piers Gaveston? Amie de Gaveston, Damsel of the Queen's Chamber
Source: Medieval Prosopography , 19., ( 1998):  Pages 177 - 186.
Year of Publication: 1998.