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Author(s): Starr-LeBeau, Gretchen D.
Title : Writing (for) Her Life: "Judeo-Conversas" in Early Modern Spain [Hispano-Jewish women and Hispano-Jewish women converts to Christianity have left dictated confessions and testimony for the Holy Office of the Inquisition at the shrine site of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Western Spain. Starr-LeBeau argues that these women used a variety of strategies to try to protect themselves and their families, relying on female friends, relatives, and fellow prisoners for advice. Title note supplied by Feminae.].
Source: Women, Texts, and Authority in the Early Modern Spanish World.   Edited by Marta V. Vicente and Luis R. Corteguera .   Ashgate, 2003.  Pages 56 - 72.
Year of Publication: 2003.