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Author(s): Chojnacki, Stanley.
Title : Getting Back the Dowry: Venice, c. 1360-1530 [the author explores the dowry system for the elite in Venice; he is particularly interested in the relationships within natal and marital families both in terms of widows seeking dowry restitution and for husbands-to-be seeking ways to guarantee their brides' dowries; in both cases the dowry system made women active and vital participants in familial networks].
Source: Time, Space, and Women's Lives in Early Modern Europe.   Edited by Anne Jackson Schutte, Thomas Kuehn, and Silvana Seidel Menchi Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies, 57.   Truman State University Press, 2001.  Pages 77 - 96. Republished as Getting Back the Dowry. By Stanley Chojnacki. Women and Men in Renaissance Venice: Twelve Essays on Patrician Society. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000. Pages 95-111.
Year of Publication: 2001.